Artificial intelligence reads privacy policies so you don’t have to

February 22, 2018

We can think of privacy policies as fortresses made out of thick bricks of gobbledygook: impenetrable, sprawling documents that do little beyond legally protect companies.

Nobody reads them. Or, to be more precise, 98% of people don’t read them, according to one study, which led to 98% of volunteers signing away their firstborns and agreeing to have all their personal data handed over to the National Security Agency (NSA), in exchange for signing up to a fictional new social networking site.

And here’s the thing: if you’re one of the ~everybody~ who doesn’t read privacy policies, don’t feel bad: it’s not your fault. Online privacy policies are so cumbersome that it would take the average person about 250 working hours – about 30 full working days – to actually read all the privacy policies of the websites they visit in a year, according to one analysis.

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