Operational Visibility for Load Balanced Traffic in SDDC

March 14, 2018

Management and monitoring in Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) benefit from automation principles, programmability, API and policy-driven provisioning of application environments through self-service templates. These best practices help application owners to define, manage and monitor their own environments, while benefiting from the performance, security, business continuity and monitoring infrastructure from the IT teams. SDDC also changes the way IT designs and thinks about infrastructure – the goal is to adapt to demands of continuous delivery needs of application owners in a “cloudy” world.

When provisioning applications and network infrastructure in SDDC, particular attention is required when responses are slowing down, so visibility through proactive monitoring is critical to determine the root cause and why an application is not meeting its SLA requirements. Moreover, it is important to know these issues before they become a business disruption.

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