How to Prepare for the Coming 5G Security Threats

November 26, 2018

Over the next few years, the pace of business will accelerate exponentially. 5G will enable the future enterprise technologies everyone is predicting and waiting for: fleets of self-driving delivery trucks, virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and a world of enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) deployments — systems that will define an era that the World Economic Forum termed the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” But do we understand the 5G security threats to come?

5G will provide super-high data rates, better quality of service and very low latency through dense base station deployments. As a result, we’ll likely depend on 5G far more than we ever did previous communications systems. Factories, businesses and critical infrastructure will all rely on 5G data connectivity, and this technology will transform business models and network infrastructures.

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