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Ransomware thieves beware

June 25, 2024


You know that a technology problem is serious when the White House holds a summit about it.

Ransomware is no longer a simple nerd-borne irritation; it’s an organized criminal scourge. Research from the Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) found 79 percent of companies have experienced ransomware attacks within the last 12 months. Nearly half were getting attacked at least once each month, with many reporting attacks happening on a daily basis.

From the early days of enterprise ransomware, security pros had one common piece of guidance: back up your data. It’s still good advice, even in the era of double-extortion attacks where criminals exfiltrate victims’ information while encrypting it. But there’s a problem: attackers are very aware of your backup systems, and they’re searching for them while also looking for production data to encrypt or exfiltrate.

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