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State-sponsored hackers are using COVID-19 lures, Google warns

April 23, 2020

Google is warning that nation-state actors are exploiting the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic to target health care organizations and entities involved in the fight against the pandemic.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) shared its latest findings related to state-backed attacks and revealed that it has identified more than a dozen state-sponsored groups using COVID-19 lures.

“Hackers frequently look at crises as an opportunity, and COVID-19 is no different. Across Google products, we’re seeing bad actors use COVID-related themes to create urgency so that people respond to phishing attacks and scams.” reads the post published by Google. “Our security systems have detected examples ranging from fake solicitations for charities and NGOs, to messages that try to mimic employer communications to employees working from home, to websites posing as official government pages and public health agencies.”

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