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More Ransomware Gangs Join Data-Leaking Cult

March 25, 2020


More bad ransomware news: Now even more cybercrime gangs are threatening to not only crypto-lock systems but also leak stolen data.

In recent days, Nefilim, CLOP and Sekhmet have become the latest ransomware operations to launch data-leaking sites, as Bleeping Computer first reported on Tuesday.

CLOP has been tied to an attack against Maastricht University in the Netherlands that resulted in the institution paying attackers a ransom of 30 bitcoins (now worth about $200,000). Nefilim appears to be a new version of Nemty and lists on its data-leak site two energy firms. And little is known about the new outfit called Sekhmet, which lists one victim on its site, Bleeping Computer reports.

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