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Grassley pressures Google for details of user data breach

October 15, 2018

Via: The Hill

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is pressing Google to explain its data privacy practices in the wake of revelations that user data was hacked from its now defunct social media platform, Google Plus. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent […]

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Facebook security and privacy issues revealed

October 1, 2018

Via: CSO Online

Last week, as many as 90 million Facebook users were forced to re-login to their accounts after the social media network admitted it was hacked. Facebook said nearly 50 million of its users were directly affected by hackers stealing access […]

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Senate Panel to Hear From Internet Execs on Privacy Policies

September 26, 2018

Via: Security Week

The Trump administration is hoping Congress can come up with a new set of national rules governing how companies can use consumers’ data that finds a balance between “privacy and prosperity.” But it will be tricky to reconcile the concerns […]

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Understanding California’s Consumer Privacy Act: The ‘American GDPR’

September 24, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

As enterprises around the world deal with legislative backlash following years of unfettered data collection, companies are confused about how to achieve compliance not only with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also with California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). […]

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A bug in Twitter Account Activity API exposed users messages to wrong developers

September 24, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

A bug in Twitter Account Activity API has exposed some users’ direct messages (DMs) and protected tweets to unauthorized third-party app developers. “We recently published a notice about a bug related to our Account Activity API that could have resulted […]

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Yahoo settles for $47 million in litigation following data breach of 3 billion accounts

September 19, 2018

Via: Hot for Security

Everyone remembers the Yahoo breach — it was simply historical and created mass hysteria at the time. The company ultimately confirmed in late 2017 that, following an alleged state-sponsored attack, all user accounts had been breached – that is 3 […]

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Google Case Set to Examine if EU Data Rules Extend Globally

September 11, 2018

Via: Security Week

Google is going to Europe’s top court in its legal fight against an order requiring it to extend “right to be forgotten” rules to its search engines globally. The technology giant is set for a showdown at the European Union […]

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Apple’s new tool will make it easier for law enforcement to request data

September 10, 2018

Via: Naked Security

Apple is planning to create an online portal that will allow law enforcement officials around the world to request information about its users more easily. The company is seeking to streamline the way that it currently services information to government […]

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Mobile spyware maker mSpy leaks millions of records – AGAIN

September 6, 2018

Via: Naked Security

It’s one thing to slip spyware onto somebody’s phone so you can surreptitiously intercept text messages, call logs, emails, location tracking, calendar information and record conversations – that kind of privacy-spurning stuff. It’s another thing entirely to be the company […]

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The security changes you can expect in iOS 12

August 21, 2018

Via: Naked Security

This fall – very likely in September – Apple will unveil the next major release of its mobile operating system, iOS 12. The beta version of iOS 12 has been available for a little while now, so I took it […]