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Apple says nothing as Apple ID accounts mysteriously locked down

November 15, 2018

Via: Hot for Security

Has someone been trying to hack into a large number of Apple ID accounts? That’s one of the theories circulating after a significant number of iPhone owners woke up on Tuesday to discover that their handsets were displaying a message […]

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Google Introduces Security Transparency Report for Android

November 12, 2018

Via: Security Week

Google last week added a quarterly Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report to its Transparency Report site. The new report aims to provide users with additional insights into how often it detects devices with potentially harmful applications (PHAs) installed, based on […]

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Apple Fixes Multiple macOS, iOS Bugs Including a Quirky FaceTime Vulnerability

November 1, 2018

Via: Threat Post

Apple tackled a bevy of vulnerabilities across all its platforms Tuesday, including one that allowed a remote attacker to initiate a FaceTime call by exploiting a bug in some model iPhones, iPads, and iPad Air devices. The wide-ranging security fixes […]

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How Much Is Endpoint Management Really Costing You?

October 31, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

Companies today are paying much more than they realize for endpoint management in terms of money, resources and speed — many of which are hidden expenses. A recent SANS Institute report titled “Understanding the (True) Costs of Endpoint Management,” examined […]

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How to Secure Mobile Messaging in Your Enterprise

October 29, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

Two decades ago, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) changed the way we communicate. It was more private than a phone conversation — which was especially great if you worked in a cubicle — and the real-time nature of the conversations was […]

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Google requires 2 years of Android security updates for popular devices

October 25, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

Google continues the battle for securing devices of its users, this time making mandatory for device makers two years of Android security updates. One of the main problems with patch management is related to the distribution of security patches issued […]

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Even with the latest iOS 12 update, your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe

October 3, 2018

Via: Hot for Security

Once again, a way of bypassing the iPhone’s passcode lock to expose users’ photos and contacts has been discovered. Jose Rodriguez, who has uncovered vulnerabilities in iOS’s lock screen security on a number of occasions in the past, has produced […]

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Pangu hackers are back, they realized the iOS 12 Jailbreak

September 28, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

The popular Chinese hacking team Pangu has devised the iOS 12 Jailbreak running on the latest iPhone XS. Users wait for further details. Here we go again to speak about the notorious Chinese hacking team Pangu, the group is time […]

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Sophisticated mobile spyware Pegasus found in the US and 44 other countries

September 19, 2018

Via: CSO Online

In a new report, Citizen Lab researchers warned that sophisticated mobile spyware, dubbed Pegasus — made and sold by the Israeli company NSO Group — has been found not only on Androids and iPhones in countries with questionable human rights […]

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CSS-Based Attack Causes iOS, macOS Devices to Crash

September 18, 2018

Via: Threat Post

The attack stems from a glitch in WebKit, an HTML layout browser engine in Apple’s Safari browser. A newly-revealed proof-of-concept attack can cause iOS devices to crash or restart with a mere 15 lines of code, a researcher disclosed over […]