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Hacker publicly releases Jailbreak for iOS version 12.4

August 20, 2019

Via: Security Affairs

A public Jailbreak for iPhones in was released by a hacker, it is an exceptional event because it is the first in years. According to Motherboard, that first reported the news, Apple accidentally unpatched a flaw it had already fixed […]

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AWS: No Significant Issues at Other Alleged Targets of Capital One Hacker

August 19, 2019

Via: Security Week

Thompson, who used the online moniker “erratic,” has been accused of accessing the personal information of roughly 106 million people — 100 million in the United States and 6 million in Canada — including, in some cases, social security numbers […]

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Thefts from cryptocurrency exchanges continue despite increased security

August 15, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

Although exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency custody services are strengthening their defenses, attackers continue to innovate and outpace even the current state of the cybersecurity art, according to CipherTrace. Even Binance, the world’s number-one cryptocurrency exchange, lost tens of millions […]

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Hackers steal 700,000 guest records from Choice Hotels

August 15, 2019

Via: Hot for Security

Choice Hotels, a hospitality franchisor based in Maryland that owns chains such as Comfort Inn, MainStay Suites, Econo Lodge and Cambria Hotels, has suffered a cyber incident that exposed 700,000 guest records, including full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses […]

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Rare Steganography Hack Can Compromise Fully Patched Websites

July 29, 2019

Via: Threat Post

An unusual steganographic technique that an attacker can use to implant a malicious webshell on unsuspecting websites has been spotted in Latin America. According to research from Trustwave shared exclusively with Threatpost, a forensic investigation showed that an adversary is […]

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Hackers Access Sprint Accounts via Samsung Website

July 17, 2019

Via: Security Week

US telecoms company Sprint has informed some customers that their Sprint accounts have been accessed by hackers via a Samsung website. In a letter sent out to impacted customers, Sprint said it learned of unauthorized access to accounts on June […]

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How can attackers abuse artificial intelligence?

July 16, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding applications in nearly every walk of life. Self-driving cars, social media networks, cybersecurity companies, and everything in between uses it. But a new report published by the SHERPA consortium – an EU project studying […]

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To pay or not pay a hacker’s ransomware demand? It comes down to cyber hygiene

July 15, 2019

Via: CSO Online

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young announced last week that the U.S. Conference of Mayors (UCSM) passed a resolution calling on mayors to oppose the payment of ransomware attackers. The resolution states that “at least 170 county, city or state government systems […]

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US Cyber Command warns nation-state hackers are exploiting old Microsoft Outlook bug. Make sure you’re patched!

July 3, 2019

Via: Hot for Security

US Cyber Command has issued a warning about an unnamed foreign country’s attempt to spread malware through the exploitation of a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook. The alert, posted on Twitter, refers to CVE-2017-11774, a vulnerability in Outlook that if exploited […]

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Facebook Removes Accounts Used to Infect Thousands With Malware

July 2, 2019

Via: Threat Post

Facebook has shut down more than 30 accounts spreading malware through malicious links that purport to be news about the ongoing political situation in Libya. The campaign, ongoing since 2014, has infected tens of thousands of victims with remote access […]