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Chinese Border Patrol Installs High Tech Surveillance on Travelers’ Phones

July 5, 2019

Via: Hot for Security

China’s border patrol has reportedly been installing surveillance software on border crossers’ phones without their knowledge, according to an investigation by the Guardian, The New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung. The software, the investigation claims, tracks travelers’ movement and secretly […]

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Chinese Cyber-Spies Target Government Organizations in Middle East

May 29, 2019

Via: Security Week

Also tracked as APT27, TG-3390, Bronze Union, and Lucky Mouse, the threat group has been active since at least 2010, targeting hundreds of organizations worldwide, including U.S. defense contractors, financial services firms, a European drone maker, and a national data […]

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Rubio says hackers penetrated Florida elections systems

April 29, 2019

Via: The Hill

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told The New York Times on Friday that hackers penetrated a Florida county’s elections system in 2016. Rubio’s comments come a week after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report revealed that Russians sent malicious software to Florida […]

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The impact of cyber-enabled economic warfare escalation

February 6, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

The results of a tabletop exercise on cyber-enabled economic warfare find that when a large-scale destructive cyberattack occurs, the United States and the private sector must already have in place the resources and methods to share information in order to […]

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It’s Time to Modernize Traditional Threat Intelligence Models for Cyber Warfare

February 5, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

When a client asked me to help build a cyberthreat intelligence program recently, I jumped at the opportunity to try something new and challenging. To begin, I set about looking for some rudimentary templates with a good outline for building […]

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US DoJ charges Huawei sanctions violations and in technology espionage

January 29, 2019

Via: Security Affairs

The US Justice Department charges the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in two cases, including the one that led the arrest of a top executive in Canada on a US warrant. According to the US DoJ, the charges are the response […]

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Bipartisan bill proposes new White House office to fight Chinese technology threats

January 7, 2019

Via: The Hill

A pair of senators on Friday introduced bipartisan legislation that would establish a new federal office focused on combatting Chinese and other foreign threats to U.S. technology, including supply chain risks and technology theft. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), vice chairman […]

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Obama security adviser: US leadership needed to defeat global cyber threats

January 3, 2019

Via: The Hill

Former Obama homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco in a new interview speaks critically of the Trump administration’s place on the global stage in defeating cyber threats. Monaco told former CIA Director Michael Morrell in an interview for CBS News’s “Intelligence […]

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Top security officials issue stark warning of Chinese espionage efforts

December 13, 2018

Via: The Hill

Top security officials issued a stark warning about China’s espionage efforts against the United States on Wednesday, labeling the country as one of the greatest global threats to the U.S. economy and national security. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, […]

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Future Cyberwar

August 27, 2018

Via: Schneier on Security

A report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies looks at surprise and war. One of the report’s cyberwar scenarios is particularly compelling. It doesn’t just map cyber onto today’s tactics, but completely re-imagines future tactics that include a […]