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Citrix Breach Underscores Password Perils

March 13, 2019

Via: Dark Reading

The recent cyberattack on enterprise technology provider Citrix Systems using a technique known as password spraying highlights a major problem that passwords pose for companies: Users who select weak passwords or reuse their login credentials on different sites expose their […]

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CyberArk simplifies privileged access security in cloud environments

March 4, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

CyberArk, the global leader in privileged access security, announced ground-breaking new capabilities to simplify the continuous discovery and protection of privileged accounts in cloud environments. The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution v10.8 is the first-of-its-kind to automate detection, alerting and […]

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Researchers extract master password in cleartext from 1Password

February 22, 2019

Via: Hot for Security

Regular internet users today juggle numerous accounts on various platforms and websites, often using the same weak password for all of them. Tech-literate users employ different passwords for different accounts, and strong ones at that. Those who are truly conscientious […]

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Are Passwords Killing Your Customer Experience? Try Passwordless Authentication

February 21, 2019

Via: Security Intelligence

Creating a seamless, secure experience for your legitimate users is a challenge. Most users are good and deserve a frictionless experience, but the less than 0.1 percent of users that are suspected to be rogue actors, according to IBM Trusteer, […]

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What is biometrics? And why collecting biometric data is risky

February 12, 2019

Via: CSO Online

Biometric authentication uses physical or behavioral human characteristics to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. Examples of these biometric identifiers are fingerprints, facial patterns, voice or typing cadence. Each of these identifiers is considered […]

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Using a password manager: 7 pros and cons

December 7, 2018

Via: CSO Online

I’ve written about what I consider the best current password advice for websites and services you need to keep secure. In a nutshell, here’s the advice again: Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). Where MFA is not an option, use password managers, […]

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Latest Version of Chrome Improves Password Management, Patches 40 Flaws

September 5, 2018

Via: Security Week

The highly popular web browser now has an improved password manager that makes it easier for users to have a unique and strong password for each site. When a user is setting a new password, Chrome can generate it and […]

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Password Management Remains an Issue — What’s Next?

August 27, 2018

Via: Security Intelligence

Too many people are lazy when it comes to password management — this should be no surprise to most of us. Since the dawn of digital authentication, users have been known to recycle passwords across accounts without a second thought. […]

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‘Hidden Tunnels’ Help Hackers Launch Financial Services Attacks

June 21, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

Hackers are using the infrastructure, meant to transmit data between applications, for command and control. The security tools and strategies financial services organizations use to protect their data could be leveraged by cybercriminals who sneak in undetected via “hidden tunnels” to […]

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OpenSSL alpha adds TLS 1.3 support in the alpha version of OpenSSL 1.1.1

February 16, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

OpenSSL adds TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) supports in the alpha version of OpenSSL 1.1.1 that was announced this week. OpenSSL adds TLS 1.3 supports in the alpha version of OpenSSL 1.1.1 that was announced this week. TLS protocol was […]