Internet Overseers Seek Crackdown on Coronavirus Website Scams

April 8, 2020

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers took the unusual step of firing off a letter to “registrars” entrusted with the business of issuing website names around the world. “As you’re also aware, ICANN cannot, under our bylaw and […]

Who’s responsible for protecting personal information?

April 1, 2020

With half of Americans lacking confidence in companies and government when it comes to protecting personal information, it’s no surprise three-quarters (74%) are more alarmed than ever about their privacy, according to a research from NortonLifeLock. More than 10,000 adults […]

How to protect your online streaming accounts from cybercriminals?

March 23, 2020

Have you secured your streaming services’ accounts? Are you sure someone else, unbeknown to you, isn’t using them as well? As people around the world are being asked to remain in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are […]

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Microsoft Threat Protection: What security and IT admins need to know

April 8, 2020

Via: CSO Online

I have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP). I absolutely love the concept, the platform and the pieces that make up MTP. It gives you a single-pane view of everything from the users’ systems all the way to […]

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WhatsApp new policy limits forwarding of viral messages

April 8, 2020

Via: Security Affairs

WhatsApp implements a new policy on message forwarding to curb the spread of misinformation about the Coronavirus pandemic. With COVID19 outbreak the number of fake news that is spreading through social networks and instant messaging apps is growing exponentially. The […]

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Phishing and Malware Attacks Against NASA Employees Have Doubled

April 7, 2020

Via: Hot for Security

NASA’s Security Operations Center (SOC) experts have issued a warning regarding a growing trend toward phishing attempts, malware attacks, or just people accessing malicious sites. Many NASA employees have started to work from home, just like numerous other employees throughout […]