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Yahoo breach exposes the drawbacks of state-sponsored hacking

March 17, 2017

Via: CIO

When governments turn to private hackers to carry out state-sponsored attacks, as the FBI alleges Russia did in the 2014 breach of Yahoo, they’re taking a big risk. On the one hand, it gives them a bit of plausible deniability […]

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Yahoo Users – Beware of Phishing Attempts

February 8, 2017

Via: Zone Alarm

There has been a lot of trouble for Yahoo users lately since they announced there was a breach of 1 billion Yahoo accounts in August 2013, and then in September released a statement that in 2014 an additional 500 million […]

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Yahoo faces SEC probe into its two record-breaking data breaches

January 27, 2017

Via: We Live Security

Internet giant Yahoo has confirmed it is to be investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with two major data breaches discovered at the company last year. In a November 2016 quarterly filing, the company said […]

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Yahoo breaches – what were the signs?

December 21, 2016

Via: Russel Edwards

Yahoo breaches have become similar to Adobe Flash patches – one seems to hear about them endlessly. The company strives to explain and investigate. Yet there is even more to add to the damage report as time goes by. On […]

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Yahoo Hackers Selling the 1 Billion Stolen Accounts for $300,000

December 19, 2016

Via: Softpedia

Andrew Komarov, chief intelligence office at security firm InfoArmor, said two of the buyers were “prominent spammers,” while the third is believed to be involved in espionage attacks and might be planning to use the 1 billion accounts for similar […]

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Yahoo Hack Shows Data’s Use for Information Warfare

December 16, 2016

Via: Security Week

The 2013 hack affecting a billion Yahoo users shows how seemingly innocuous bits of data gleaned from cyber attacks can be exploited for espionage and information warfare, as well as for profit. The breach, disclosed Wednesday, is the largest on […]

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Yahoo Reveals Another 1 Billion Accounts Got Hacked

December 15, 2016

Via: Softpedia

Yahoo has just confirmed that more than 1 billion accounts got hacked in 2013 by what the company believes to be a “state-sponsored actor” that was also responsible for breaching 500 million accounts in a separate attack that the firm […]

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Critical Yahoo Mail Security Flaw Allowed Hackers to Access Any Account

December 12, 2016

Via: Softpedia

ahoo Mail can hardly be considered a secure email service after the parent company experienced a massive breach exposing 500 million accounts in 2014 but decided to keep it secret, and yet, every new vulnerability is still worrying for its […]

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Yahoo asks US government for clarity on email scanning controversy

October 21, 2016

Via: InfoWorld

Yahoo is asking that the U.S. government set the record straight on requests for user data, following reports saying the internet company has secretly scanned customer emails for terrorism-related information. On Wednesday, Yahoo sent a letter to the Director of National […]

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Lawmakers press Lynch for briefing on Yahoo secret email scanning reports

October 17, 2016

Via: The Hill

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling for a briefing by Attorney General Loretta Lynch on reports that Yahoo searched all of its users emails at the behest of the U.S. government. Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) […]