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Windows 10 latest update is broken and riddled with bugs – with no fix in sight

April 9, 2024

Via: TechRadar

Back in January, we reported on a small security update patch for Windows 10 that brought on a lot of headaches for IT admins and brought on a veritable cavalcade of error codes. Microsoft promised a fix was in the […]

Threats & Malware, Vulnerabilities

Update Your Chrome Browser Now! Zero-Day Actively Exploited in the Wild

March 3, 2021

Via: Hot for Security

A new zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the popular web browser Chrome, with Google noting that the flaw is being exploited by malicious actors. Users should install the updated version of the browser containing the patch as soon as […]

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Fake Windows Update Delivers Cyborg Ransomware

November 20, 2019

Via: Security Week

A fake Windows Update spam campaign has been dropping the Cyborg ransomware. The mail delivery mechanism claims to come from Microsoft. It directs the potential victim to an attachment described as the ‘latest critical update’. “The fake update attachment,” writes […]

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Magento Warns E-Commerce Sites to Upgrade ASAP to Prevent Attacks

November 13, 2019

Via: Threat Post

The popular e-commerce platform Magento is urging web administrators to install its latest security update in order to defend against malicious attacks in the wild that could exploit a critical remote code-execution vulnerability. While the company didn’t specify what kinds […]

Network security

Microsoft to provide free updates for voting systems running Windows 7 through 2020

September 23, 2019

Via: The Hill

Microsoft announced Friday that it will provide free security updates for federally certified voting systems that run Windows 7 through the 2020 elections, delaying the threat of voting taking place on unpatched equipment. Microsoft launched Windows 7 in 2009, and […]

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Windows 10 update will soon enable cloud reinstalls

September 2, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Users looking to reinstall Windows 10 will soon be able to do so just by going online, Microsoft has revealed The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build includes a new option when resetting your PC that will tie to a […]

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VLC users urged to implement latest security update

August 20, 2019

Via: Help Net Security

VLC, the popular cross-platform media player, has reached version 3.0.8, which fixes over a dozen security vulnerabilities, some of which could be exploited by attackers to achieve code execution on victims’ machines. About VLC VLC is an extremely popular piece […]


Apple Issues Silent Update Removing Zoom’s Hidden Server

July 11, 2019

Via: Threat Post

Apple has pushed a silent update to Mac users that removes a hidden web server from Zoom users’ machines. The Zoom web- and video-conferencing service has come under scrutiny for its handling of a zero-day bug (CVE-2019–13450) found by researcher […]

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Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Protection

May 27, 2019

Via: Threat Post

Microsoft has begun pushing out its May 2019 Windows 10 update, which will flag Wi-Fi networks that are using the outdated and insecure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) authentication mechanisms. WEP was introduced in 1997 […]


Oracle Squashes 53 Critical Bugs in April Security Update

April 17, 2019

Via: Threat Post

Oracle is urging customers to patch critical vulnerabilities in its products as part of its massive April update, which fixes a whopping 297 flaws. Of those flaws, 53 vulnerabilities in Oracle products had a CVSS score of 9.0 or higher, […]

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Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now being readied for release

April 9, 2019

Via: TechRadar

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update has entered the final stage of testing, with the upgrade expected to be rolled out starting the end of May. In other words, Microsoft has pushed the May 2019 Update to the Release Preview […]


Apple releases security updates for Macs, iDevices, AppleTV

December 6, 2018

Via: Help Net Security

Another month, another set of Apple security updates: if you’re using macOS, iOS, Shortcuts for iOS, tvOS, Safari, and iCloud and iTunes for Windows, it’s time to get patching. The updates The Safari, iCloud and iTunes updates have a lot […]


Audit Finds No Critical Flaws in Firefox Update System

October 12, 2018

Via: Security Week

An audit commissioned by Mozilla for the Firefox update system revealed no critical vulnerabilities and the flaws rated “high severity” were not easy to exploit. Experts at Germany-based X41 spent 27 days analyzing the Firefox Application Update Service (AUS), including […]

Wireless security

Regularly updating your wireless router is not enough to ward off attacks

October 3, 2018

Via: Help Net Security

Wireless routers are the most often attacked and exploited type of IoT device. They are also one of the rare IoT devices that most of us can’t do without. We need them to be as secure as can be, but […]

Mobile security, Network security

Even with the latest iOS 12 update, your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe

October 3, 2018

Via: Hot for Security

Once again, a way of bypassing the iPhone’s passcode lock to expose users’ photos and contacts has been discovered. Jose Rodriguez, who has uncovered vulnerabilities in iOS’s lock screen security on a number of occasions in the past, has produced […]

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Azure IoT Edge Exits Preview with Security Updates

July 3, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

Microsoft rolls out its cloud-based IoT service to the general public, while upping data protection with new categories including device management and security. Microsoft has made Azure IoT Edge publicly available around the world with several updates intended to bolster […]


Microsoft releases new software and microcode updates to address Spectre flaw (Variant 2)

April 27, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

The IT giant has rolled out a new batch of software and microcode security updates to address the Spectre flaw (Variant 2). The Spectre Variant 2, aka CVE-2017-5715, is a branch target injection vulnerability, while the Meltdown and Variant 1 […]

Mobile security

Google Patches 9 Critical Android Vulnerabilities in April 2018 Update

April 4, 2018

Via: Security Week

Google this week has released its April 2018 set of Android security patches which address more than two dozen Critical and High severity vulnerabilities. 19 vulnerabilities were found to affect components such as Android runtime, Framework, Media framework, and System. […]

Application security, Vulnerabilities

Drupal to Patch Highly Critical Vulnerability This Week

March 26, 2018

Via: Security Week

Drupal announced plans to release a security update for Drupal 7.x, 8.3.x, 8.4.x, and 8.5.x on March 28, 2018, aimed at addressing a highly critical vulnerability. The Drupal security team hasn’t provided information on the vulnerability and says it won’t […]


Intel Releases Updated Spectre Fixes For Broadwell and Haswell Chips

February 28, 2018

Via: Threat Post

Intel has issued updated microcode to help safeguard its Broadwell and Haswell chips from the Spectre Variant 2 security exploits. According to Intel documents, an array of its older processors, including the Broadwell Xeon E3, Broadwell U/Y, Haswell H,S and […]