Biometrics and behavioral tech: The good and the bad security implications

August 11, 2015

It may not be as dramatic as the profiling biometrics used in the latest Mission Impossible movie Rogue Nation, but companies such as BehavioSec have the technology to profile people — by their typing, mousing, or swiping — accurately enough to where the process can successfully identify individual users.


The Swedish company BehavioSec was started by Luleå University of Technology students in 2006 when they patented their behaviometrics (a blending of behavioral and biometrics) technology. “Behavioral refers to the way a human person behaves, and biometrics, in an information security context, refers to technologies and methods that measure and analyze biological characteristics of the human body for authentication purposes,” from the company website. “In other words, behaviometrics is a measurable behavior used to recognize or verify the identity of a person.”

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