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Wireless security

Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and troubling browsing behaviors

August 11, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

As adoption of cloud and mobile continues to rise, common employee practices inside and outside the workplace create risk for enterprises. To uncover the risks posed by users’ data-related habits, Bitglass tested real-world scenarios – frequency of connections to unsecured […]

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Remotely Exploitable Flaws Found in Popular IP Cameras

August 3, 2017

Via: Security Week

Bitdefender and Checkmarx have each published reports describing remotely exploitable vulnerabilities found by their researchers in popular VStarcam, Loftek and Neo IP cameras. As part of its research into IoT security, Bitdefender discovered several buffer overflow vulnerabilities affecting the web server service […]

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Segway miniPRO Flaws Put Riders at Risk of Injury

July 20, 2017

Via: Security Week

The Ninebot by Segway miniPRO hoverboard-style electric scooter is affected by several vulnerabilities that can be exploited to take control of the device and possibly injure the rider, security consulting firm IOActive warned. The Segway miniPRO is accompanied by a […]

Wireless security

Tips to Stay Secure on Summer Vacations

July 7, 2017

Via: Security Affairs

In the excitement of summer vacations, most of us forget to equip ourselves with the privacy tools and needed security measures. Yet, such flawed data security could ruin your vacations as the cyber goons always remain on work. Therefore, here […]

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Flaws in Hyundai App Allowed Hackers to Steal Cars

April 26, 2017

Via: Security Week

South Korean carmaker Hyundai has released updates for its Blue Link mobile applications to address vulnerabilities that could have been exploited by hackers to locate, unlock and start vehicles. The Blue Link application, available for both iOS and Android devices, […]

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Apple patches drive-by Wi-Fi flaw with emergency iOS patch

April 4, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

Less than a week after Apple pushed out iOS 10.3 comes an iOS emergency patch that all iDevice owners should implement as soon a possible. The security note accompanying iOS 10.3.1 says simply that the fixed problem is a stack […]

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MAC Randomization Flaws Expose Phones to Tracking

March 13, 2017

Via: Security Week

Researchers have disclosed a new attack method that can be leveraged to track mobile devices that rely on Media Access Control (MAC) address randomization to protect users’ privacy. A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a device’s network […]

Wireless security

5 open source security tools too good to ignore

February 22, 2017

Via: InfoWorld

Open source is a wonderful thing. A significant chunk of today’s enterprise IT and personal technology depends on open source software. But even while open source software is widely used in networking, operating systems, and virtualization, enterprise security platforms still […]

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Hundreds of thousands, if not over a million Netgear routers open to hack

February 1, 2017

Via: Secuirty Affairs

An impressive number of Netgear routers is affected by two flaws that can lead to password disclosure. It has been estimated that hundreds of thousand devices, potentially more than one million Netgear routers, could be hacked, by both a local or a remote attacker. […]

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Public Wi-Fi: Users’ habits and perceptions of risk

October 20, 2016

Via: Help Net Security

A new Xirrus survey highlights users’ habits and perceptions of risk when connecting to public Wi-Fi. The survey polled more than 2,000 business users, including executives and IT professionals, and found that while 91 percent of respondents do not believe […]