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Take These Steps to Secure Your WordPress Website Before It’s Too Late

April 23, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

You might have heard that WordPress security is often referred to as “hardening.” While the name might cause a few eyebrows to raise, overall, it makes sense. To clarify, the process of adding security layers is similar to boosting the […]

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Cryptomining, not ransomware, the top malware threat so far this year

April 18, 2018

Via: CSO Online

Cyptominer-based attacks, not ransomware-based attacks, have been the top threat so far this year, according to Comodo Cybersecurity Threat Research Labs’ Q1 Global Malware Report. In the first three months of 2018, Comodo said it “detected 28.9 million cryptominer incidents […]

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New Malware Adds RAT to a Persistent Loader

April 17, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

A newly discovered variant of a long-known malware loader adds the ability to control the victim from afar. VBScript has long been an attack vector that could bring malicious software to an infected machine. But what if it could do […]

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Intel Unveils New Threat Detection Technology

April 17, 2018

Via: Security Week

Intel late on Monday announced two new security-related technologies, including a threat detection system and a framework for building protection into processors, and a strategic collaboration with Purdue University whose goal is to address the shortage of cybersecurity talent. Following […]

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Hackers Can Stealthily Exfiltrate Data via Power Lines

April 13, 2018

Via: Security Week

Researchers have created proof-of-concept (PoC) malware that can stealthily exfiltrate data from air-gapped computers using power lines. The malware, dubbed PowerHammer, is the work of researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. The university has previously published […]

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Sofacy Targets European Govt as U.S. Accuses Russia of Hacking

March 16, 2018

Via: Security Week

Just as the U.S. had been preparing to accuse Russia of launching cyberattacks against its energy and other critical infrastructure sectors, the notorious Russia-linked threat group known as Sofacy was spotted targeting a government agency in Europe. The United States […]

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North Korea’s Flash Player Flaw Now Exploited by Cybercriminals

February 27, 2018

Via: Security Week

Endpoint security firm Morphisec has spotted a massive campaign that exploits a recently patched Adobe Flash Player vulnerability to deliver malware. The flaw in question, CVE-2018-4878, is a use-after-free bug that Adobe patched on February 6, following reports that North […]

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Researchers Find New Twists In ‘Olympic Destroyer’ Malware

February 15, 2018

Via: Threat Post

Researchers have uncovered new wrinkles in the “Olympic Destroyer” malware attack that targeted the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Cisco Talos researchers now believe the malware also wipes files on shared network drives. Originally researchers believed the malware only […]

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Zyklon Malware Delivered via Recent Office Flaws

January 18, 2018

Via: Security Week

A piece of malware known as Zyklon has been delivered by cybercriminals using some relatively new vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, FireEye reported on Wednesday. Zyklon has been around since early 2016 and it allows attackers to conduct a wide range […]

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How Antivirus Software Can be the Perfect Spying Tool

January 10, 2018

Via: Security Week

Your antivirus product could be spying on you without you having a clue. It might be intentional but legitimate behavior, yet (malicious) intent is the one step separating antivirus software from a cyber-espionage tool. A perfect one, experts argue. Because […]