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iOS 11 Patches 8 Security Vulnerabilities

September 20, 2017

Via: Security Week

Apple this week announced the availability of 8 security patches for its iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation users, released as part of the iOS 11 platform upgrade. The bugs affect 7 platform […]

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Premium SMS Malware ‘ExpensiveWall’ Infects Millions of Android Devices

September 15, 2017

Via: Threat Post

Google has ejected 50 apps from its Google Play store that were harboring mobile malware dubbed ExpensiveWall. The malware, which was downloaded between 1 million to 4.2 million times, sends fraudulent premium SMS messages for fake fee-based services without the […]

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New iOS11 features create fresh headaches for law enforcement

September 12, 2017

Via: Naked Security

Apple has long been either a privacy hero or headache, depending on which side of the divide you sit. And based on the beta versions of iOS11, which gets its grand, official introduction on Tuesday at the Apple Special Event, […]

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Google Patches 81 Android Vulnerabilities With September 2017 Updates

September 7, 2017

Via: Security Week

A total of 81 security vulnerabilities have been addressed in this month’s set of security patches for the Android platform. 13 of the flaws were rated Critical severity. The security bulletin has two security patch levels, each focused on addressing […]

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Celebrity info stolen from Instagram on sale for $10 on the dark web

September 6, 2017

Via: Hot for Security

Photo-sharing application Instagram, which has 700 million active users a month, recently fell victim to a data leak that exposed six million accounts on the dark web, writes The Telegraph. At the time of the breach, Co-Founder and CTO Mike […]

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Google removes 300 Android apps following DDoS attack

September 4, 2017

Via: We Live Security

Google has been forced to remove almost 300 apps from its Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks, an attack that ESET warned its followers on social media about in early August. The botnet, named […]

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Mobile WireX DDoS Botnet ‘Neutralized’ by Collaboration of Competitors

August 29, 2017

Via: Threat Post

A collaboration between leading content delivery networks and technology companies—some of them competitors—is in the midst of shutting down the largest botnet of mobile devices ever recorded. The WireX botnet was detected on Aug. 17 after businesses in a number […]

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WAP Billing Trojans Threaten Android Users

August 25, 2017

Via: Security Week

Several of the pieces of malware targeting Android devices in the second quarter of 2017 abused WAP billing to help cybercriminals make money, Kaspersky reported on Thursday. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing provides a mechanism for users to acquire content […]

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Fighting Financial Fraud in an Increasingly Digital World

August 23, 2017

Via: Security Intelligence

Everywhere we look, we see some form of digital technology. People have access to computers, cellphones, televisions and even Wi-Fi-enabled smart appliances. Technology advances every day, giving way to exciting, innovative and life-changing experiences. Take cellphones, for example. Not too […]

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Decryption Key for Apple’s SEP Firmware Posted Online

August 21, 2017

Via: Security Week

What appears to be the decryption key for Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) firmware was posted online by a hacker going by the name of xerub. A coprocessor fabricated in the Apple S2, Apple A7, and later A-series CPUs, SEP […]