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New Cold Boot Attack Gives Hackers the Keys to PCs, Macs

September 14, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

Researchers bypass a Trusted Computing Group security measure to manipulate the firmware and steal data in memory. An updated version of the Cold Boot Attack lets threat actors bypass security mechanisms and access data that remain in memory after a […]


Romanian Court Rules Hacker Can be Extradited to US

September 12, 2018

Via: Security Week

A Romanian court has ruled that a hacker known as Guccifer should be extradited to the U.S. to serve a 4½-year prison sentence. The court in the central city of Alba Iulia ruled Monday that Romanian Marcel Lazar Lehel will […]

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ThreatList: Attacks on Industrial Control Systems on the Rise

September 7, 2018

Via: Threat Post

The systems that power the manufacturing, power and water plants, the oil and gas industry, and many other sectors are increasingly in the crosshairs of cyber-attackers: A full 41.2 percent of industrial control system (ICS) were attacked by malicious software […]

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Dem senator: Congress should consider allowing companies to ‘hack back’ after cyberattacks

August 22, 2018

Via: The Hill

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Tuesday is expected to propose that Congress should consider allowing companies to “hack back” at digital attackers following a cyberattack, a divisive concept in the cybersecurity community. Whitehouse, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary […]

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Hackers Leverage AWS To Breach, Persist In Corporate Networks

August 21, 2018

Via: Dark Reading

Attackers are abusing the characteristics of cloud services to launch and hide their activity as they traverse target networks. A new body of evidence indicates threat actors are using increasingly advanced techniques to target cloud providers and leveraging cloud-specific traits […]


Apple hacked by 16-year-old who “dreamed” of working for firm

August 19, 2018

Via: Hot for Security

An Australian teenager has admitted hacking into Apple’s internal network and stealing 90 GB worth of files. The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has pleaded guilty to breaking into Apple’s systems on multiple occasions over the course […]


Chinese hackers scanned business, government websites in Alaska

August 16, 2018

Via: The Hill

Security researchers have found that Chinese hackers examined government and businesses’ websites in Alaska for potential vulnerabilities in the weeks surrounding a state trade delegation’s trip to China. Researchers for the security firm Recorded Future said that they found that […]

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Cyber report details tricks used by hackers to target critical infrastructure

August 8, 2018

Via: The Hill

A cybersecurity firm says it uncovered the methods and tools hackers use to target critical infrastructure organizations, activity it observed by creating a website that masqueraded as a major electricity provider. Cybereason on Monday released a report on its “Honeypot […]

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Hacking WiFi Password in a few steps using a new attack on WPA/WPA2

August 8, 2018

Via: Security Affairs

A security researcher has devised a new WiFi hacking technique that could be exploited to easily crack WiFi passwords of most modern routers. The security researcher Jens ‘Atom’ Steube, lead developer of the popular password-cracking tool Hashcat, has devised a […]

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Reddit discloses hack, says SMS intercept allowed attackers to skirt 2FA protections

August 2, 2018

Via: CSO Online

Reddit, one of the largest websites on the internet, announced on Wednesday that someone was able to compromise staff accounts at their cloud and source code hosting providers, leaving backups, source code, and various logs exposed. As a result, they […]