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News in brief: Linux advice for Equifax; fired over phish; Security.txt standard proposed

September 19, 2017

Via: Naked Security

Writing on the Double Pulsar site, infosec practitioner Kevin Beaumont suggests Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) would have saved Equifax from the disastrous breach it disclosed earlier this month. If you’re going to have Apache Struts facing the internet, SELinux is the way […]

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Vevo hacked, 3.12 TB of data leaked

September 18, 2017

Via: Naked Security

There’s a good chance that you’ve watched a popular music video from Vevo, either via YouTube,  Vevo’s website or its mobile app. Most popular music artists release their videos through Vevo these days. The company – a joint venture between […]

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What is the biggest threat from the Equifax breach? Account takeovers

September 12, 2017

Via: CSO Online

Yes, there will be some tax and banking fraud as a result of the gargantuan data breach at Equifax. The biggest impact, however, will be felt by enterprises that rely on credit reporting bureaus to verify the identity of people […]

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7 Takeaways From The Equifax Data Breach

September 11, 2017

Via: Dark Reading

The exposure of PII belonging to 143 million US consumers raises questions about the continued use of SSNs as identifiers, breach liability and app sec spending. Application Vulnerabilities Remain The Achilles Heel Application-level vulnerabilities have caused far more data breaches […]

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Russia Sentences Two ‘Humpty Dumpty’ Hackers

September 7, 2017

Via: DataBreach Today

Two Russian hackers, members of a group called “Shaltay-Boltai” – Humpty Dumpty in Russian – have been sentenced to serve three years in prison, according to the Russian Legal Information Agency, or RAPSI. Alexander Filinov, aka “Mad Hatter,” and Konstantin Teplyakov, […]

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Edith Wharton, Identity Theft, and the GDPR

September 6, 2017

Via: TrendMicro Blog

During one of my talks for Gartner, I asked the audience, “How many of you have ever had anything stolen?” Many hands went up. Then I asked, “How did you know it was stolen?” The answers generally offered, “I looked […]

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Celebrity info stolen from Instagram on sale for $10 on the dark web

September 6, 2017

Via: Hot for Security

Photo-sharing application Instagram, which has 700 million active users a month, recently fell victim to a data leak that exposed six million accounts on the dark web, writes The Telegraph. At the time of the breach, Co-Founder and CTO Mike […]

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More than 700 million email addresses leaked in huge data breach

September 4, 2017

Via: We Live Security

A spambot has leaked more than 700 million email addresses and passwords publicly in a huge data breach. The data dump occurred thanks to a misconfigured spambot, dubbed ‘Onliner’, and was discovered by a Paris-based security researcher known as Benkow. […]

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How shared Android libraries could be weaponized for data theft

August 16, 2017

Via: Naked Security

Android users know the routine: download an app and a box appears asking for permission to talk to other apps. Knowing that the app needs that access to work properly, the user clicks “OK” without a second thought. But what […]

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How a port misconfiguration exposed critical infrastructure data

August 10, 2017

Via: Help Net Security

Much has already been said and written about the dangers of potential cyber attacks targeting the electric/power grid. And in Ukraine, they’ve already gone from theoretical scenarios to actual attacks. More limited attacks hitting companies’ electrical systems are also possible, especially when information […]